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Based in Wales the Director has over 26 years of police service comprising of 20 years of CID and Special Branch investigative experience including managing, and co-ordinating investigations involving DNA and fingerprint identifications. Extremely experienced in investigating major crime and terrorist related matters, both national and international, including cold case review, analysing and reviewing the evidence and incorporating the new evidence. Recording witness statements, interviewing subjects and producing files and case papers for CPS and Crown Court for prosecution purposes.

At SC Investigative Services we provide you with an investigation service that is professional, honest, and transparent. We conduct all investigations within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics. We conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity and uphold the highest moral principles. Confidentiality is the essence of our work and, in particular the control of personal data. We treat everyone with respect, fairness and courtesy and we act impartially and do not to discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, colour or language.

We are outgoing people able to communicate, on equal terms, with individuals from differing social and professional backgrounds and nationalities by the application of strong inter-personal skills. We are highly motivated, enthusiastic and conscientious with a reputation for tenacity and take great pride in our work.


We provide a comprehensive service from the initial meeting at which the terms of reference of the investigation are set, through identifying and interviewing witnesses, securing and presenting documentary and physical evidence, interviewing the staff member(s) concerned, providing a comprehensive report and, where necessary, attending disciplinary proceedings, any subsequent appeal, and industrial tribunal.

If criminal matters are identified then, following consultation with yourself, a package may be presented to the relevant authorities.

a6b5The director is also a member of the Association
Of British Investigators, the Legal Professions, preferred, suppliers of investigative services.



Providing the Welsh Government with a disciplinary investigation service where child protection / safeguarding is an issue with staff in educational establishments throughout Wales. This includes working with HR and Education Departments of various local authorities and liaising with police forces. Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. Working with HR to provide a disciplinary investigative service.

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We are extremely experienced in working with various trades unions including
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